About Counselling

I offer a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space where you can bring any concerns you want to explore. The first or initial session is an opportunity for you to explain your concerns and explore whether the experience and approach I offer suits you and the issues you bring. There is no obligation to commit to anything until you decide you wish to do so.

How I work?

I aim to engage with you and offer you the emotional and constructive support that you need to become the person you want to be. When people feel respected, appreciated, supported and understood genuinely they feel more confident and happier in themselves and thrive in the ways they want to develop. Depending on your individual concerns you may want to come for short-term or long-term counselling.

Short-term Counselling is helpful when you experience a sudden crisis, need to make a decision that you find difficult or something has unsettled you and you would like to find out why and what to do about it.

A time-limited, solution focused counselling arrangement would help you to address the specific issues for an agreed number of sessions. Most people find anything from a few weeks to several months sufficient to help them move forward.

Open-ended, long-term Counselling is more supportive and needed if you experience difficult life changes, or find it hard to resolve long-standing, persistent concerns.
Maybe you feel stuck and trapped in excessive worrying about recurring problems in your personal life, in relationships or at work.
Perhaps it feels as if you repeat the same mistakes.
Maybe you feel unhappy or really depressed, stressed and hopeless or lack energy and drive.
Maybe you feel anxious, not in control, angry with yourself and others. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or undermined by life issues some or all of the time.

You probably also feel that you cannot or do not want to burden friends or family with your ongoing problems.

In all those cases counselling offers you a chance to talk to a professional who gives empathic, emotional support and through constructive exploration helps you gain an in-depth understanding of the more complex and, often unconscious issues that are keeping you stuck in uncomfortable and self-defeating states.

Events and important people in your life past and present will have shaped your self- confidence, or the lack of it, your behaviour, your thinking and how you feel about yourself for better or for worse. Understanding and reframing these complex personal issues takes commitment but over time you will gain more personal clarity and develop more confidence in yourself. You will gain a more balanced outlook and a more positive attitude towards yourself and others. These internal cognitive and emotional changes will ultimately help you to shape your life and your relationships for the better.

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